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Boldly exposing the truth behind comprehensive sex education and the harm it causes our children, families and communities, my goal is to encourage parents to “Reclaim Parenthood” and become their children’s greatest advocates and educators.  I accomplish this by equipping families with the resources and skills necessary to strengthen family trust and confidence. 



the statistics

Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA), is an educational approach which utilizes the public health model of primary prevention. SRA education empowers youth to avoid ALL the risks of sexual activity. I utilize resources from evidence-based health models to equip parents with medically accurate sexual health information and skills on effective communication and decision making strategies to help youth grow up safe, smart and strong.



of the 20 million new sti’s…

50% of the 20 million new STI’s each year are accounted for by teens and young adults ages 15-24, but they make up only 27% of the sexually active population. This disproportionate number is sending a message. Contraceptive-based sex-education is failing our children.



of teens ages 18-19 say…

40% of teens ages 18-19 say that their federally funded contraceptive based sex-education program made them feel pressured to have sex. 32% of teens said that they felt more pressure to have sex from this type of sex-education than from their partner.



of teens are not having sex…

Only 30% of teens are not having sex based on the fear of teen pregnancy. Pregnancy prevention is not the main reason teens wait, yet 95% of federal funding for sex-education goes to programs that normalize teen sex and are focused solely on preventing teen pregnancy.

If a young person does three things in sequence: graduates, works full time, and waits until married before having children, their likelihood of living in poverty as an adult is only 2%.
— The Brookings Institution


Abby Johnson + And Then There Were None (ATTWN) - I am proud to partner with Abby Johnson, and her world-changing organization. I invite you to take a deeper look at those fighting alongside me to end the greatest injustices our children face today.

To date, ATTWN has helped almost 500 workers leave the abortion industry. As a direct result of the testimony of these workers, several clinics have been permanently shut down. The abortion industry understands something that many pro-lifers fail to grasp: there is no tool in the pro-life arsenal as effective or lethal to the abortion industry than their former employees.

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